A Team with a Mission

Written by: James Cirocco

Two days into this ride, I already have made many observations. Yes, the scenery is terrific, the hills are hard, food and lodgings are basic. This is exactly what I expected, but there was one big surprise. This is not your standard group ride where everyone is out to get their personal best time. No, this has been something very different; it is more like a professional bicycle team were individual riders will sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, but a team were everyone is respected as the star rider.

I experienced this in a dramatic fashion when I had trouble with the high altitude and was unable to continue pedaling. A much younger and stronger rider decided to stay with me for moral support when I dismounted and walked my bike for the next two hours to reach the 10,900 foot pass. We then enjoyed the 22 mile descent together to be greeted with cheers when we arrived. Why join a group tour when instead you can join a team with a mission?


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