A Transitional Ride

Written by: Anne Frey, Orange Ride

I’m a touring bicyclist, starting with supported rides across NY State (I’ve cycled the Erie Canal.), and I have progressed through self-supported rides from LA to Boston, down the East Coast, plus some 1,000 to 1,400 mile rambles in the Southeast. On one of these rides last fall, I met Connor and was intrigued by the idea of The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.

The work we’ve done at two sites so far has felt really good. I like diving into a project and seeing real progress. You get a lot of progress with thirty-seven people working all day! I bet the people we helped are pretty charged up knowing there are folks like us out there.

I normally work alone (beekeeping) and ride alone. It’s very different for me to be around so many people so intensively; so, at first, that was hard, but now it’s like having a bunch of brothers, sisters, and cousins. I actually know more about many people on this ride than I know about my own cousins. It’s also a new experience riding in the mountains, which I like a lot! I feel more powerful every day.


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