A week of work, a lifetime of positive change

Written by: Coy Ward

Hi, my name is Coy. I have ridden a bike for more than 50 years. Yes, I started really young. I met my wife in a bicycle club so bicycling has played a significant role in my life for a long time. My children were riding in a bicycle trailer when they were just toddlers or younger. My youngest daughter graduated high school this year and will be moving out this fall to go to college. She doesn’t like riding a single bicycle it has to many gears and all the braking and steering is more than she wants to do but she will ride on the tandem with me if I caption it.

We were introduced to Fuller Center a few years back when the came through our town and did a build project, our church sponsored them and we personally helped serve them evening meals. I have kept tabs on them and the rides that they do. Well in late 2017 they posted the ride schedule for 2018 and they would be coming through our home town again. I started investigating details and found out that we could do a week ride and not have to commit to the whole ride. So, I talked to my daughter and ask her if she would like to do a week with me. She said OK. I figured it would be a great way to have some father-daughter bonding before she goes off to college. We were signed up by December of 2017 for the Summer ride of 2018. Then I had to convince my older daughter that she needed to go to South Bend , Indiana with us so she could drive my van back home, on her birthday no less.

All has worked out we met our contribution goals, got here safely and have started the journey back home to Aurora, where they will do another build day. We did a build day today, I was drenched in sweat from working before 10 a.m. from moving over half a ton of garbage, bricks, wood and yard refuse. Then, I helped set three doors before the day ended, a hard days work. I feel really good, my muscles are not even sore. However, the day before when we rode 100 miles that was a much different story. We were prepared for it because the day before we rode 84 miles. I am so glad my daughter is with me she certainly pulled me through on that 100 mile day.

We will only be doing one week with the group but it has been a good experience and we are changing others lives and I believe our own too, all for a positive.

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