A weekend of learning opportunities
July 18, 2022

By Wayne Wilson

Today, started in the rain with a forecast for rain all day and storms in the afternoon. It was especially fun; I enjoyed riding in the rain. It was even an adventure exploring unplanned routes because of two bridge closings.

This weekend we had the opportunity to experience low-income housing, which is what our mission is all about. And the Spiritus Christi Church showed us a new way to worship. They are “Progressive Catholic,” which combines Baptist, Pentecostal, and Catholic styles of worship. They included some liturgical traditions from what theologian Francis Schaeffer calls “the high” church with much freer styles.

When no one else in Rochester had “room in the inn,” they worked with Flower City Noire Collective to get us space in a house that the Collective uses as transitional house to “rebuild lives.”

The neighborhood on Dewey Street was once a prosperous one with stylish three story craftsman houses. But, the health of these houses is hurting and the residents aren’t so prosperous. They offered us solid floors, solid walls, a roof over our head, flushing toilets, hot showers, electricity, and a safe place to sleep. 

I’ve seen families living with much less in Mexico and Vietnam. We had a valuable opportunity. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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