Abundant Grace

Written by: Mary Lacksen

Thank you for being a faithful follower of our ride. Your support has made us stronger.

The Fuller Center 2015 Bike Adventure is closing in on the final miles of this bike journey across the United States. Our group has faced challenges along the route – weather, mechanical failure and flat tires, uncertain road conditions and traffic, and riders pedaling and living in community for 10 weeks. But this is nothing compared to the living conditions that we witnessed along our route or that you might see where you live.

2 Corinthians 9:6-10 God is able to make every grace abundant for you.

Through the Holy Spirit I have witnessed challenges turned into opportunities to glorify the Lord. Mark Smith is a whole way rider. He is strong and young. On a Build Day when he was not needed, he took time to clean my bike. Often he was looking to do little things to help a fellow rider. In Holly, CO our hosts, Chantel and Cheryl, prepared both dinner and 5AM breakfast for us. Cheryl is hopeful for her small town following a devastating tornado. She witnessed neighbors pulling together with strangers and caring for one another still today. Thank you Mark, Chantel and Chery, your kind words and acts touched me.

This time with The Fuller Center has helped me to glorify the Lord – to notice the gifts and actions of others, to appreciate the many towns who proudly display the American flag, to feel welcomed as a stranger into churches, and to experience the diverse scenery and consistently kind people. Through this bike adventure I have grown more grateful and more trusting of God’s abundant creation and unconditional love.

This ride will end soon, but please consider getting involved, supporting a rider and learning more about The Fuller Center for Housing. You will touch hearts as a hand-up is offered.

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