Adventuring outside your comfort zone

Written by: Marie Polick

Every few miles I see a sign about the Lewis and Clark trail. Seeing some of the terrain they covered, I have tried hard to envision what it must have been like for them to press forward into the unknown. There were no roads or maps and just like each bend I go around or hill I climb; I don’t know exactly what’s coming next. They walked all that way not knowing the mountains or valleys they would face. I wonder how they dealt with the various climates, weather, so many unknowns; aren’t our lives similar?

In reality we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. We keep going forward and sometimes as you are walking you suddenly find yourself at the base of a hill/your struggle and you have no idea how to climb it. If you allow God to, He has the road map. He can show you how to make it through, because He knows what is on the other side.

The longer I ride the more I see that God is a God of adventure. I look at His creation, how magnificent and peaceful it can seem from a glance, there is so much depth that is not always found from passing by. Adventure causes us to grow because it takes us outside of our comfort zone. It allows us to see life from a different perspective.

If Lewis and Clark gave up halfway through their expedition because it was too hard I wonder how our country would be different. I believe God asks us to embark on adventures because He knows how many lives will be impacted for His glory. This life isn’t about us and what makes us comfortable, there is so much more to it but you have to chose if you will take the risk or not.

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