Alice Caldwell: Better late than never
August 3, 2021

By Alice Caldwell

This was my first day riding with the Fuller Center Cross Country team. 

You may wonder why I would join the last week of the ride — after all, the riders are at their peak after nine weeks of cycling across the country. But I had always wanted to visit Crater Lake. And a series of family events had made it impossible for me to commit fully to the ride until last week when things fell into place.

I arrived early Sunday morning after two delayed flights. Two fast riders volunteered to be “sweeps,” those riders willing to hang back to shepherd the slow riders from beginning to end. As you can imagine, I was very slow compared to them but they were patient and unrushed and told my they had more time to take in the scenery.

We did a lot of climbing to reach the 5,235 foot summit of McKenzie Pass. The sweeps, Jim and Anna, shared their peanut butter laden Rice Krispies treats with me and I recuperated well enough for the next 19 miles of thrilling downhill hairpin turns. We arrived safely at our destination, the McKenzie Bridge Christian Church.

I appreciate the welcome I have received from these experienced bikers, but we all share our love for the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing.

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we love Our sponsors!

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