From one Carolina to another
June 2, 2023

By Alice Caldwell

We set off from the First Baptist Church of Georgetown, South Carolina, for our destination, Calabash Community Presbyterian Church in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

Thursday had been a long 79.8-mile day, but many of us had found the energy to walk into the historic town of Georgetown on Winyah Bay and see the sights or get an ice cream cone. 

Every summer, my family spends a week on Pawley’s Island, which is the next town up from Georgetown. It’s quite different traveling in a car to the beach versus riding a bicycle over the bridge and traveling on Highway 17 next to traffic. We were able to veer off the highway, though, and traveled a fair distance on bike paths, some of which meandered through dense forests. Our first rest stop was next to a restaurant where the kitchen staff donated pitchers of Coca-Cola and ice. 

Plans are always subject to change and today my riding buddy had a bicycle problem in Myrtle Beach and had to get a ride in the van. Tiffany, Carol and I rode the next section on bike paths next to a busy four lane highway. At the gas station at rest stop 2, the man ahead of me in the line gave me his change as a donation to the Fuller Center.

The skies were cloudy today, but the temperature was just right with only an occasional sprinkle of rain. Rest stop 3 was at an ice cream parlor, which supplied the needed energy to get us through busy traffic to our final destination just over the North Carolina line. The members of the church served us an amazing dinner of grilled burgers (beef and vegan), hot dogs and chicken, along with a variety of salads and cupcakes.

As always, we are most appreciative of the generosity, kindness, comfort, and friendship offered by our hosting churches. We also had extra special guests join the ride for a few days: our beloved Connor and Beth Ciment, who live in Wilmington and will ride with the Bike Adventure for the next 3 days.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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