Another fulfilling Adventure in the books
March 11, 2023

By Alice Little Caldwell

We spent Friday night at the Cornerstone Church in Winnie, Texas after our longest biking day, 83 miles.

We received a warm welcome, especially from three young members of the church, Foster, Elizabeth and Truly, the children of the pastor. After a delicious meal prepared by the church, we settled into a comfortable night’s sleep.

The next morning, it was very foggy. After our morning devotional and many oyees to the unsung heroes of the ride — our four-member reliable, conscientious support team (Larry, Doug, Michael, and Justin) and our fearless leader Neil — we set off for a long ride on a busy highway headed to the Gulf and Galveston. There was strong cross wind the whole way and two flat tires. (Shawn and Rose are an amazing NASCAR level team!) 

I didn’t realize we had to take a ferry at Bolivar Point into Galveston, which slowed the van and the other support car for hours. For me, it was a welcome relief to get off the bike and sit by the water waiting for the ferry to arrive, taking in the breeze and the sunshine.

We went through some busy beach traffic on the Seawall Boulevard then turned inward for the final journey to Seaside Church in Jamaica Beach. Unfortunately, the Fuller van started to have some serious mechanical problems in Galveston. Somehow, by Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m., Neil had fixed the van one more time and was headed back to Americus.

Another wonderful Fuller ride in the books, fortunately, full of good weather, good fellowship, good works and fulfillment of The Fuller Center for Housing mission.

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we love Our sponsors!

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