An Amazing Creation

Written by: John Fender

Today I enjoyed cycling with some of the other riders as we rode from Tuba City to Page. Last night we had the opportunity to stay in the Tuba City Boarding School. We had air conditioning (which was much appreciated after a day in the heat), on site showers (which meant no walking in the heat to the showersJ), and a big gym floor which I was able to put my air mattress on and sleep the whole night through. We are very appreciative for the hospitality the school showed us.

This morning we had an earlier start because we are still cycling through the heat of the desert. Arizona is a hot place! I rode with my pal Clint today as we traveled up hills, down hills, and through beautiful scenery. God’s amazing creation was quite evident as we witnessed several different rock formations along the way! Last week we were traveling through the barren desert with cacti surrounding us. Earlier this week we were surrounded by pine trees and the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. And today we travelled through land with rocks of all different colors and shapes jutting up around us. Arizona is a beautiful and diverse place.

Tomorrow we have a day off and we are all looking forward to a day of rest. We are truly blessed to be sleeping in an air conditioned church tonight! My air mattress is once again aired and ready for a well-deserved night of sleep. Tomorrow will be filled with rest, church, and maybe some jet skiing. The second week is over. The third week is about to begin. What a wonderful journey we are on!




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