An awe-inspiring climb in Washington
May 24, 2022

By Mike Scotty

Today was our biggest climb yet – 4,400 feet up over 35 miles, with over 3,500 of those feet within 15 miles. A feat that demands slow and steady progress to complete the task. The upside was that the remaining 50 miles of our 88-mile trek was almost completely downhill.

And was it beautiful! White Pass in the Cascade Mountains was awe-inspiring. The views were fantastic and frequent. Seeing it on a bike is by far the best experience.

When my friends and family ask me what it is that draws me to these extended bike trips I’ve taken with the Fuller Center, the only way that I can describe the experience of biking through the mountains and other American landscapes is ‘spiritual.’ There is something about being outside riding through God’s natural wonders that you’ll never feel in a car. The bugs on the road, the wildflowers and plants, the dripping water, the ground cover. The sounds of the wind, the roar of a river 500 feet below in the gorge. The warmth of the sun. The temperature drop when you hit the snow line.

We’re all fortunate to live this experience while supporting families in need through the Fuller Center.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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