An Indescribable Day

Written by: Lindsey Bawcom

Today was the most amazing day (I feel) we’ve had thus far. We’ve officially biked from Oceanside, CA to the GRAND CANYON!!!!!!!

The whole ride had beautiful scenery throughout and being able to meet as a team, as one, and all enter and cycle in together felt like we had become more than just a team, but a family. On our ride in we saw a HUGE elk right by the side of the road, and yes, I prayed it wouldn’t charge us lol 😉 Once we got to the campsite, we all helped to set up the tents and then walked to the rim to view the Grand Canyon. This was my first time to be here to experience this, and as we were getting closer to be able to actually see it, Lydia started running and laughing. I was behind her and seeing how excited she got made me even more excited to get there. I don’t think anyone can really put into words how beautiful this truly is and I feel as though I’d be doing an injustice to even try.

What I can say is that after I hung out with our FCBA family for a bit, I wanted to take a minute for myself to take it all in. I found a bench and just sat there thinking about how blessed and thankful I am to be here in this moment. This is exactly where I’m meant to be right here, right now.





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