And So Another Adventure With a Capital "A" Begins
Saturday, July 10, 2021

By Gary Schroeder

This time it is approximately 1600 miles from Seattle to San Diego. The veteran riders already know and the first timers are about to learn, it’s only marginally about the cycling.   
The cycling is just an excuse to enjoy doing the work of the Fuller Center for Housing with like-minded comrades. We all could have stayed home and cycled in much more comfortable surroundings than a sleeping bag on the floor but it’s not about “COMFORT”. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that because we are riding, the money this group has raised will permit the building or rehabilitation of numerous houses and provide homes for numerous families. Yes every day is a new day to ride, but it’s also a new day to grow with each other in a shared adventure that’s more than cycling. Doing for others rather doing for ourselves is the backbone of these rides.
As I’ve learned over the previous 8 rides with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, we actually do as much good for our fellow riders as we do for the families we put into new houses. The care and concern we give and get from each other builds us up, carries us through some very hard times, and provides connections that have the ability to strengthen and heal. Seeing how each of us has grown by the end of one of these trips reflects the power of these rides and the draw that keeps people like me coming back time and time again.  
Thanks to all of have shared these experiences with me in the past and I look forward to sharing new experiences this years cast of characters between here and San Diego.

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we love Our sponsors!

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