Anna Little: On building and biking
June 27, 2021

By Anna Little

This weekend we had our final build day, working on a few different projects in Kansas City, Missouri. Each of our build days have been unique, providing an opportunity to work on a different task each time. It has made me appreciate the process of building much more — whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling, or just doing yard work, each project has its own challenge and requires a lot of work and commitment no matter what.

It has been interesting for me to draw parallels between the building and the biking, two things that I really didn’t see as connected at the beginning of the trip. I really just viewed the biking as a way to draw attention to a good cause because it is a unique thing we are doing, riding our bikes across the country and wearing bright orange the whole time. But now I do see similarities.

The main parallel I see is the time involved for each activity. As I talked about in my last blog, there are no shortcuts when you are biking across the country. Well, there are no shortcuts if you want to do a good job building either. It just takes a lot of time. And with each activity, if you want to get the most out of it you have to commit yourself to the process and immerse yourself in it.

I like to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so it has been a growing experience for me to accept the fact that some things are just a long grind. I’m learning to see both the biking and the building as an opportunity to learn to live in the moment and experience the present a little better. Good things really do take time!

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