Applying our Lessons

Written by: Dave Sperry, Orange Ride

This part of the country is beautiful.  The green and blue mountains surround the valley.  The Clark Fork River runs along most of our route and there are heavenly places where the grass, the trees and the water all come together.  We spook a deer occasionally and it bounds back into the trees.

The route was hilly today as we started and we climbed and descended over and over on frontage roads, intermingled with a few miles on the freeway.  The scenery was beautiful the entire ride through the country.

As we approached the Missoula valley the wind was at our back and the terrain started to flatten out.  We approached our final break stop for the day with a bit of Heaven on Bike.  The wind pushed us over smooth pavement helping our faster riders to maintain a pace in the mid 20’s.

This day on bikes is another reminder of how blessed we are.  We have great weather, and we have our health.  We are not the ones in need of improved housing.

We also are learning to more often reflect on what we are thankful for and ride with an attitude of gratitude.  We are learning to be more encouraging to others and our fellow riders.  As we encourage, we build relationship rapidly.  We don’t have the distractions of normal life.  We know our relationships will last through life.  We are learning to live simple, and to allow Jesus to be in the front of our tandem.

dave sperry

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