Written by: Lori Haubrick

So, here we are—Day 4 and I am beyond blessed at having become part of God’s story through the West Coast Bike Adventure! The people that I’m grateful to spend this time with are a diverse group indeed. All ages, all levels of riding, all at different places in their journeys, all uniquely gifted by God, and all absolutely special. It’s been a great week of riding and fellowship. I feel truly humbled that God has allowed me to be in this place and time, involved in something bigger than myself all the while riding in the midst of His creation and taking in the beauty of it all.

We have ridden through some spectacular places—some beautiful in their simplicity and others beautiful in their absolute grandeur. The really cool part is, everyone shares the same sense of awe and appreciation. At the end of a long ride, we may be tired, sore, and ready to call it a day, but no one lacks a sense of wonder and each person has a positive attitude and gratitude for the experience.

We often talk amongst ourselves about how grateful we are for you reading this, supporting our vision, and allowing us this incredible opportunity to go beyond ourselves—pushing through each mile, riding for those who are counting on us for safe and secure housing for their families.

From meeting new people, making new friends, having my first big spill (completely my fault), riding in traffic, through rolling hills, in the forest, past grazing pastures, it has been a dream come true for me. I thank God throughout my day for blessing me with this opportunity and it is something I will never forget.

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