Beautiful sights in the Upper Peninsula
June 29, 2022

By Becky Mitchell

We’re spending a longer stretch of 10 days in Michigan as we travel through our first Great Lakes. When I first heard of this stretch, the days seemed like they would last forever. The trees and water have proven the days beautiful!

Of all the places we have rested for food and water, Michigan has boasted wonderful roadside parks. The parks are easy to find (a major help as one of the navigators) and they have bathrooms and a sheltered break from the roads.  

The parks also honor people. While I don’t know the stories of these honorees, I’m glad they are remembered in this special way. And it reminds me of our many hosts along the way. We learn bits and pieces of each other’s stories for the short time we have together, and the times are a delight. A way for us to rest and connect.

What strikes me most about the church hosts, people on the road and local Fuller Center chapter leaders is their joy. Their joy that they share with us through smiles, encouragement, prayers, shelter, food and showers. Thank you for your ‘vicarious excitement’ as we journey together!

Our recent journeys moved us along Lake Superior and then Lake Michigan. These truly are Great Lakes! While some photos simply look like any other lake, other photos show the whitecaps and grandeur of the water meeting with the sky. 

The sights sure have been beautiful, Upper Peninsula, and now onto the next Great Lakes!

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we love Our sponsors!

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