Being Examples

Written by: Rebecca Martinez

Today’s ride started out great with a really good devotional and message given by Lauryn about loving one another and the importance of serving others with patience and kindness. And that is what I really need on this ride since yes- I am the last rider in other than the sweeps whose “job” it is to ensure the riders are all at the final location.

After a couple of REALLY hot and humid days, I was thankful that this morning started out cooler which meant that the ride would be more comfortable. We had a nice tailwind for most of the way with quiet country roads and beautiful scenery. The pace was pretty fast for the “sweeps” and and we didn’t fall too far behind the pack despite stopping to help another cyclist with a flat tire. A really nice farmer also stopped to see if we needed help. I’ve noticed that people are very nice and friendly and like to help out or talk about our ride. We even had a nice lady give us some homemade honey candy that she sells when we reached our rest¬†stop just because she wanted to bless us.

I believe thats what this ride is about- serving others and being examples of patience and kindness and ultimately learning to love one another the way Jesus loves us.


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