By: Sara Dobbs

“Bittersweet” is the word that came to mind for myself and a few other riders today, our last ride for Tour de Florida 2019.  As eager as we are to get back to family and friends, and return to a good night’s sleep in our own beds, it’s always tough to say good-bye to our trip leaders, volunteers and fellow cyclists.

Our group was comprised of Fuller veterans from various Cross Country, Natchez Trace, and Silver Comet rides as well as riders new to the Fuller family.  A trip that’s just over a week leaves us all wishing we had more time to reminisce and reconnect with old friends and more time to get to know new friends better.  We’re just getting our biking legs in shape and our chore teams figured out and….time’s up!  We leave behind life on the road and living simply in community and return to the daily routines of “normal life.” 

Good-bye to Florida’s fabulous weather, beaches, and ocean views and back to the familiar landscapes of home. What a trip it’s been and what a contribution we’ve made to help eliminate poverty housing!  All of us will go forward feeling re-energized about the ways we can help those in less fortunate circumstances whether it’s raising funds for future FCBA Rides or looking into the eyes of those in need and providing something to help in that moment (a slice of pizza!).

The reading material I packed along for this trip was Millard Fuller’s “Theology of the Hammer” that Courtney sent out before our trip.  From page 143 are words that summarize our mission and remind us why we pedal for a purpose: 

The “Theology of the Hammer” is for the whole world: starting right where you live and going out to the ends of the earth; putting faith and love to work; always doing a good job in keeping with “a well built theology”; constantly seeking to enable people from all walks of life to participate in the mission; and forever focusing on the vision God has given all of us ending poverty housing and homelessness and building up both houses and the people who live in them.” 

God Bless and Godspeed.  Oyee!!

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