Blessing neighbors through repair projects
July 9, 2022

By Mike Schuck

We rolled into Aurora, Ohio early on Friday afternoon after a fairly short ride from Bay Village. After a night’s rest we were off to a variety of build projects the next morning.

Scott, Tom and I worked on a project where we assisted Jeff (a local Fuller Center chapter board member) with repairing Janet’s home where the floor in front of the kitchen sink had rotted out due to water. We got right to work stripping out soggy insulation below the floor and removing sub flooring and joists. Soon we could see each other through the floor.  
The opening in the floor allowed us to assist one another with repairing the water lines to the kitchen sink and patching the joists and subfloor. Once the floor was repaired we installed new insulation below the floor and cleared the kitchen sink drain line.
This completed project blessed Janet with a kitchen she could use without worrying about falling through the floor or having the kitchen sink back up.

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we love Our sponsors!

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