Written by: Tom Weber
Following is a list of blessings that a now 76 year old rider has realized since joining the Fuller Center Bike Adventure in 2011, participating in seven cross-country adventures, for a total of sixteen rides:
Riding my bike across this beautiful country
Realizing the blessing was not about riding the bike

Watching the various young trip leaders learn how to lead
Meeting so many amazing riders, church members, and supportive strangers along the way
Watching so many “kids and grandkids” learn how amazing they are to be able to bike across the country, some with no training before the ride starts
Listening to many riders tell me that they almost didn’t come, and then finding out how life-changing and amazing it was
Helping so many families in need of a safe place to live
Being able to work on the homes of families in need of affordable housing
Hearing the story of “Ragman” by Walter Wangerin, Jr., read at the start of each ride, and having rags tied on my ankle
Reading “Ragman” to a homeowner (as we worked on her house) who had asked about the rags on my ankle, followed by a hug and blessings from her
Being invited to my “faux” grandkids’ weddings, and being able to attend six of the weddings
Riding with my son and granddaughter twice; my son and grandson once – three generations, three times
Supporting the cross-country adventure in 2014 with my wife
Being lead by the “kids” to a stronger faith (they are amazing)
Raising enough money to build five new homes in Haiti, or being able to repair 30 or more homes in the US (I designate my donations to help where needed)
Having so many friends and family gladly donating money to help families in need
Meeting so many strangers willing to donate to help families in need
The Bike Adventure is about giving blessings to the families in need, but I’ve realized that I have received many more blessings than I could ever give out.
Peace …

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