Build Day Blessings

Written by: Mark Goodwin

I have started my fourth week of riding and have ridden in seven states. We have worked on four building sites. Tuesday in Springfield, Ohio, we were split into three teams. One team work at the YMCA making improvements to the reception area, and the other two teams painted the inside of houses, getting them ready for families yet to be determined. Even though we did not meet the future families, it feels good to know that the work moved the local Fuller Center closer to completion, thus helping two families attain affordable housing.
This week has been great since we have been able to meet up with past FCBA riders from the Cincinnati and Springfield areas. I am not going to use names for fear of leaving anyone out. It has been great seeing each one, and their added help on the work day was greatly appreciated.
I have just a few days left on my ride for this summer, and it has been great to meet the many new riders and to see others that I have ridden with before. I also had a great experience getting to ride with my daughter, Amanda. We rode from M.t Caramel, IL to Princeton, IN. I am hoping she will be able to join a bigger ride in the future.
For me, the greatest part of a FCBA ride is the end of a work day. This is when I know we are making changes to houses that will soon be changing lives for the better. Families will have sound affordable home to raise their families.

God be with our team of riders the rest of the way, and the families we are helping.


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