Onward from Okatie
May 29, 2023

By Carol Mulligan

Last night Okatie Baptist in Okatie, S.C., served a lovely dinner of spaghetti, multiple salads and a smorgasbord of desserts, lots of conversations with the hosting group and a prayer from a church member youngster — 91-year-old motorcycle man and his motorcycle mama.

The Heppy-ness continued to be celebrated as “Happy Birthday, Cindy” rang out twice from the magnificent crowd. Not just one but several birthdays, not to mention an anniversary celebration many can only wistfully dream of. (See video below)

We left our new friends went back to our abode and settled in for the night. At 5:30 a.m., there was a bang on my stairwell condo-like door, and Alice was ready to get us launched (breakfasted) on our day. Toast, Raisin Bran, coffee along with other fabulous selections.

Stuff to trailer and bikes to lawn. Circled up, briefed, Ragman devotional shared we assisted our friends with applying their new fabric, prayers said, “OYEES” blared through the dawn. Clicks of helmets, clicks of cleats, cliques of Fuller bike people into the Okatie roadways visibility good on our cloudy route farther into South Carolina comfortably cool air, pedals whirring miles being chalked up the occasional cellphone droppage being recognized by an anxious owner.

On we rode past Marine base Parris Island on the Spanish Moss Trail. Coincidentally our next casualty was a slide on Spanish moss, but minor abrasions were barely noticed by our stalwart riderette. The trail head brought our first fluid and nutrient fest from our wonderful support group. As we pulled in other riders were already embarking on the second leg. Our lone patch of blue sky was soon supplemented by other swipes of blue cleared by our breeze

On we rode rural roads becoming rural highways and about 2 feet of clearance to bike on by ourselves as we chose sometimes to share the varied paved surfaces and gravel patches sometimes just morsels of shake and bake sometimes tax payer enhanced surfaces Hwy 17, Hwy 303 on and on to Ace Basin Greenway parking found SAG and yet another table laden with food and drink and ice what Joy was felt. I’ll leave that to the readers mind’s eye to drool and slurp over vicariously. Because we are off to a left turn, Alice and Carol leaving the sweep’s behind us to catch us if they can.

Suddenly several miles away a silver car sweeps in brakes squealing and horn blasting

Well she was much more sedate, but this is my tale and I’m telling it my way. One of our loyal sweeps has broken a straw from his broom.

No, no, no a spoke on his tire is broke and his chauffeur will fetch him to our next pawh-tee place many miles away. We and the remaining sweep will sweep along these South Carolina turns and byways.

55.2 miles from our early morning start, the sun is now bright and the Colleton County Fuller Center ReUse Store has a welcome sign and lovely very welcome snacks and we’re busted — just kidding.

Praise to God for a magnificent day with the least of difficulties and opportunities to care for people in this town tomorrow. A good night to all and a good morning to come Tuesday.

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we love Our sponsors!

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