Celebrating the New Year with Family

By: Ann Coleman
We had a late lights on (8:30) in case people were out late celebrating. I think most were asleep before 10.  Yes, we are such a wild crowd!
The 47 mile ride into Fort Lauderdale was a good one….no bumps or bruises and no stuck vans and trailers. 😇 Many of us were delayed by draw bridges being raised, but it was fun to gather and watch the boats pass under. 
The BIG highlight was having Jonathan Barringer riding in a Sumo Suit. The onlookers loved it and the riders were just relieved that he made it without sweating to death. So why did he do it? Jonathan is a young guy with a huge heart. He sincerely believes in Fuller’s mission and takes his fund raising seriously. He creatively offered the Sumo incentive to his donors if he reached his fund raising goal before the trip started.  What a great example Jonathan is for spreading awareness of Fuller.
Morning devotions continue to be a highlight for me. It has been interesting how many of them have pointed us to leaning into God and walking in His light. Having that time together at the morning circle up is such a great way to start the day.  What a blessing!
It is hard to believe that the trip is half over. It is such an awesome group of people….some old timers, but some amazing rookies. We are family!

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