It's all about relationships
January 13, 2023

By Cindy Hepp

This morning, Pastor/rider Adam gave the morning devotion. He challenged us in regards to our relationship with Jesus. Do you know Him? Do your attitudes, words, and actions reflect the right one? 

FCBA is about relationships.

As part of the support team, Duke and I are one team. We became friends a few years back on a FCBA trip. Each subsequent trip, our friendship continues to grow. This time I am the van driver with him as my co-pilot. We complement each other on our strengths and weaknesses. Praising God is often in our speech, since we both have so much to be grateful for, so richly blessed. My heart is overflowing.
Yesterday was our second build day. People from Christian Church in the Wildwood came to help with the framing of the home and clean up of the property. Conversations flowed freely and openly as we went about our work for the day. Information on Fuller Center was given about our rides, International builds, disaster reliefs, and blitz builds. The local chapter was coming back to life and the need for help and funds is greatly needed.
Taking time to talk with Lindsey and her father Nathan, the new homeowners to be, was uplifting for all. Nathan worked the hardest on his home and was super excited to have us all there helping to move the project along, so they could move into their home sooner. I had Lindsey stand in the center of her home after the four walls were erected and pointed out where her bedroom would be. We both became teary-eyed.

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we love Our sponsors!

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