Climbing to Cooler Weather

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth

Today we rode from Prescott, AZ to Williams, AZ. It was much cooler this morning, which we all
appreciated. I expected the day to be a relatively easier than yesterday. 3,600 feet of climbing
compared to almost 6,000. But, it wasn’t. It was a vivid reminder that most of our challenges
and obstacles are mental, and we can all get through it better with the help of our friends
(thanks, Kert!).

I am ever so thankful that I have found this eclectic family. Our mission is constantly at the
forefront: raising funds and awareness to end poverty housing, and giving folks a decent home.
For me, it means so much more. Biking with the Fuller folks helps ground me and realigns my

Sadly, It seems that it is human nature (and culturally emphasized) to look out for yourself
and to do what is best for you. But during these bike trips, I see a refreshing shift. I see folks
putting others first, helping someone in need- even if it means a sacrifice for them. Instead of
complaining, for instance, when expectations are different than reality, I see people adapt and
make the best of the situation. My Fuller family recharges me. My only regret is that I can’t be with them more.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Eisenbarth

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