Counting My Blessings

Written by: Carmen Cabuhay

Days 1-3 of segment 10 for me have been exciting, fulfilling, and full of memories.

On day one I was off to a great start riding with my riding buddy A.J. (You’re an excellent mentor coach Haneyman!) It is well appreciated- I know you like riding faster!

Day two it was raining when we were riding the first 35 miles or so. Regardless- the fun did not go away! Lindsey made a great and very reliable company. Also- I love her choice of music!

Today I was so excited to set foot in Vermont for the first time. I went riding with different riders each section. I had the opportunity to hang with my Fuller Center children which I enjoyed. Thanks to you all!

I support crew were very motivating, and I liked seeing their smiles at every rest stop. The weather was perfect for riding with the long climbs! I counted my blessings as I pushed through and celebrated my 12th year anniversary of being in this country today! Oyee!

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