A peaceful stretch of Iowa
July 5, 2024

By David Kraemer

Leon, Iowa to Bloomfield Iowa — 92 miles (if you make a wrong turn, LOL)

Beautiful, 75-degree summer day in the heart of Iowa. 30% less climbing today as the rollers were easy to accelerate down and glide up and over! Roads were deserted! Paradise.

A doe crossed my path 20 yards ahead and with 3 bounds disappeared into the forest— no one was hurt! Lake Rathbun where the deer was crossing is gorgeous! Chased by several dogs racing across expansive green lush lawns—and of course corn and soybeans EVERYWHERE!! I noticed horse manure in the middle of the roads and of course Bloomfield is a Mennonite or Amish community.

Very peaceful lovely ride — oh and thank you, Iowa, for the intermittent tail wind!!

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we love Our sponsors!

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