Embraced by the church
May 27, 2024

By David Kraemer

Day 2 was unpleasant with rain all day, temps just over 40, and a couple crashes among the group. Everyone survived gratefully. But this is not what this blog is about, however true the observation

The people of the small church in Woodinville, Wa. Were so very excited to have us in their church we took it over for the night and participated in the worship service on that rainy Sunday morning. The dinner the previous night and breakfast that morning were simply delicious. They were magnificent hosts. The church made a donation to the Fuller Center on top of their warm regards an hospitality. They stood in the drizzle to wish us well as we departed. I was moved by their generosity and kindness. Several of our riders joined in the choir. We doubled the normal attendance that day.

Larry knows what will kill him. Chuck, his college roommate ( both 74) was almost killed in a motorcycle crash. Their third best friend was to be on the ride, but lies today in hospice insisting that his friends ride without him. They will miss the death of their friend and are obeying his wishes. Chuck, in explaining why they are riding, simply says “At our age, we are doing what we really want to do, as time is short.”

Indeed, misery is a decision.

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we love Our sponsors!

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