Gone with the wind
May 28, 2024

By David Kraemer

We left our wonderful hosts in Wilbur after a benediction by Pastor Steve.

Sleeping in the chapel as 20 of us were seemed both sacrilegious and comfortable. The cold start to the morning was offset by brilliant sunshine and we warmed up quickly.
For the second day as we wound through Canola and immature, green shafts of wheat … swaying in a stiff wind! At our backs!! 
What a delight as the miles ticked by. Washington’s roads were smooth with wide shoulders and many times we Lavelle’s over 24 miles an hour with little effort.  Arriving at our destination by 2 left lots of time to shop shower and regroup.
“And the wind whispered (Fuller) Mary” Jimi Hendrix

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we love Our sponsors!

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