Happy to hear these horns blow
June 28, 2024

By David Kraemer

Peace Train (courtesy Yusuf/Cat Stevens) 90-mile ride today along I-80 and the existing rail line!

 Cities were created and retired (and relocated) by the power of commerce. Julesberg relocated after the rail line skirted the exterior, and relocated AGAIN when the interstate went through Ogallala BECAME a city as the result of rail connecting it to Missouri. Train enthusiasts we find out are referred to as “Foam-ers” because big boys and their toys foam at the mouth about and around trains.

The peleton line of 12 at one point made the sign of “ pulling the horn” and train after train responded with that huge fun sound of the horn! We had a day with cloud cover and tail wind and the 90 miles flew by. I may have averaged 22 or 23 mph for the last 25%. Fun! The ride finished in Gothenburg, NE with a time change — we are now in Central time for a couple weeks! Jump on the Peace Train!

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we love Our sponsors!

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