Where the hills are rolling and cattle are lowing
June 6, 2024

By David Kraemer

Twenty miles of peaceful rolling hills, beautiful meadows, and a picturesque canyon lined by a ribbon of locomotive track presented a peaceful start to the day.  

Cattle lowed on both sides of the route, and cowboys rustled their charges — driving them to an unseen stockade. 
Two climbs presented some challenge, and, after cresting the Bowman pass, a descent and finish into the prevailing headwind rewarded us with warm, dry air.

The devotion given by Tom was a metaphor worth remembering. He described his “every 6-week chore” cleaning out their barn.  After a couple hours approaching his house he was asked to disrobe outside before heading in to shower.

“Would you after cleaning up don those disgusting clothes?”

Of course not.

His metaphor continued with an admonishment that once realizing the cleansing of sin by Jesus’ sacrifice, never go back to don those soiled garments.  Well said.

Great day!

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we love Our sponsors!

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