Diane Bies: A new Adventure begins
February 26, 2022

By Diane Bies

People started gathering in Panama City a few days early. Tim Bruce made it in from England although he had a few delays. Others had minor delays but everyone made it in.

Thanks to veteran rider Rob Erskine people were greeted at the airport and whisked to the church. Rob provided a superb supper which included being greeted by a real “Town Crier”. What an evening!

In the morning we had some activities to meet and get to know all of the riders. After a quick rest stop lunch we all gathered for devotional before mounting our bikes for a short ride along the coast. It was a beautiful day and the miles went quickly as we chatted and pedaled. We saw the beautiful emerald water and white sugar beaches. There were lots of people out celebrating and preparing for Mardi Gras.

Another wonderful adventure has begun!

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we love Our sponsors!

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