A pretty perfect start to the Natchez Trace ride
October 14, 2023

By Diane Bies

Today we started our ride down the Natchez Trace.

We started in Nashville, TN mid morning and rode to Shady Grove Methodist Church. It’s a short distance, 37 miles, with plenty of rolling hills.

As I pedaled today with new friends I couldn’t help but reflect on the many great experiences I have had on the Trace having ridden this ride each year for eleven years now. There are so many special people I have ridden with, so many varied weather experiences, numerous wonderful meals we have been served, and lots of great devotionals I’ve heard. I am truly blessed!

The leaves are starting to turn and today was pretty perfect. I look forward to the rest of the week as we work our way south on our bikes to Collier, MS before heading north again in the vans back to Nashville and then home. For this week I’m on a wonderful retreat that just happens to be a bicycle ride.

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we love Our sponsors!

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