Diane Bies: Singing in the sunshine
June 16, 2021

By Diane Bies

Oh the sun shine shines bright on “My Old Kentucky Home”…

(I grew up in Kentucky and it is still home in so many ways)

Yes, I sang that song to myself numerous times today as we rode from Russellville, Ky. to Calhoun, Ky. It was such a beautiful day! The air was cool, 62, this morning when we started and it warmed up nicely as we rode along. All day we were blessed with glorious sunshine and a good bit of shade.

I saw the first cattails of the trip today. Finally we are into an area with enough water still in the ditches. We saw thistles, lots of black-eyed Susans, and more Queen Anne’s lace. There were a few turtles on the side of the rode today and many quail singing bobwhite in the fields.

We are at the Calhoun Baptist Church tonight. They fed us a delicious lunch of burgers and fries then showered us with love, company, and great food tonight. We had many church members here as well as their youth group for our evening gathering and meal. It was wonderful to see the parishioners be so interested in what we are doing and the work of Fuller Center. Hopefully they have caught the “Fuller bug” and will join with some US Builders and/or Global Builders and/or Bike Adventure trips some day. I believe we even have a cyclist from the church riding out with us in the morning.

I had a most wonderful experience tonight! A sweet teen girl came up to me after dinner to tell me she loved my hair. I was so moved as it was just air dried and clipped up in back. It made my day! I had to hunt her down a bit later to thank her for the immense compliment. She was so cute and sweet. I took a selfie with her (in gallery below) to document it really happened. LOL!

Tomorrow we arrive at my home where we will stay overnight. I will drop off the trip on Friday as the rest of the team heads west.

What a special time this has been growing my Fuller family, renewing old friendships, exploring new places, sharing devotionals, and being prayed over by so many loving people. What a blessing!

Tomorrow I look forward to being, “Back Home Again in Indiana”. This will be my song after we cross the Ohio river and hit Indiana soil.

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