The Underground Railroad is on the move
May 29, 2022

By Diane Bies

So we started our day with some ice breaker games to get to know each other better. After finishing our chores and a quick simple lunch we were off to start our adventure on the Underground Railroad Ride.

The short 25 mile ride took us through beautiful parts of Louisiana. Much of our ride was on the Tammany Trace, a lovely trail for bicyclists and walkers.

We all gathered at Lake Pontchartrain for a rest stop and group photo at the beach. It was such a beautiful day for photos under bright blue skies with moderate temperatures and moderate wind.

Sandi Remson, a new rider, and I were sweeps today so we were able to enjoy riding behind all the other riders. We also got first dibs on dinner as our reward. Dinner was delicious spaghetti and a huge salad prepared by the dinner team.
What a great first day riding!

This evening we enjoyed a history presentation by Peter Hahn, a history professor at Ohio State University, about the Underground Railroad and some of the sites we will see along the way. What a rich group of people with so many varied skills! We will get to enjoy each other for four weeks as we work our way north to Cleveland, Ohio.

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we love Our sponsors!

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