Who is powering your guidance system?
January 19, 2024

By Diane Bruni

What is your GPS in life?

At the end of the ride today, there were many stories of the cyclists getting lost. Some were just off course for a few blocks and others for many miles. We live in a world dependent on technology. Our phones, for many of us, are our constant companions. When they are not working, we can feel frustrated and lost.

Today’s stories, made me think about my life journey. There have been times when I have felt lost.  While I might pray for guidance, I may not be patient with waiting for what God’s direction for me might be. I need to pause and just be still for however long it might take. Like the drawbridges that slowed our journey down, the road ahead will be clear if we are patient.

Do you let God be your GPS? 

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we love Our sponsors!

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