The meaning of build days
May 30, 2023

By Diane Dunton Bruni

We ride. We gather in community. We pray. We share stories.

We build. This is when the true understanding of our purpose becomes visible. Today, I participated in my first Build Day as part of the East Coast ride. Forty of us were split up to work on three projects.

The team that I was part of transformed the yard, cleared several roofs, pressure washed sheds, fixed gutters and put new railings on a ramp. This was the physical aspect. The true experience was reflected in the eyes of the homeowner, Miss Dolly, when she worked her way outside using her walker. “Oh, my, my, my. My Lord. I can’t believe it.”

The act of service brings more joy, for me, than receiving. The love shown, the helping hands and working together is how the spirit moves through us. Little did I know that Miss Dolly was a minister. We joined in a circle and she prayed for our continued save travels and thanked the Lord for bringing us to her.

Miss Dolly, it is me who thanks you.

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we love Our sponsors!

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