Recharging batteries works wonders
March 8, 2023

By Doug McCarty

Our Fuller Center Biking Adventure family woke comfortably this morning in the Oakdale United Pentecostal Church to begin Day 10 of our journey.

Our batteries having been charged from a wonderful dinner of Chicken Piquant, comforting evening fellowship, and restful slumber, we were like horses chomping bits!

I led a quick devotional this morning centered around the rewards promised by Jesus for “sheep” who provide food, water, homes, clothing, comfort, and visitation (from Matthew 25:37-4), which is just a reminder of the specific things this group of cyclists is doing every day!

Today’s journey launched from Oakdale LA and terminated in Sulphur LA (located just outside Lake Charles) — an 80.3-mile ride.  The riders were greeted with refreshments by the “support crew” at four (4) rest stops along the route. And although two riders experienced flat tires today (both tires for each rider!), repairs were made quickly.

Along the route there were some great “Kodak moments” (baby cows for Rose), gates to circumvent, dirt piles to traverse, railroad tracks to cross, crop dusters to duck, brisket to consume, beautiful riding weather to enjoy, and a feeding vulture to interrupt.  All in all, it was a blast!

Upon arriving at the Olivet Baptist Church in Sulphur LA, Ms. Toni Ratliff from Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders met us and gave us the complete tour of the campus.  Toni spoiled us with plush mattresses!  As riders pulled in, we unpacked the FC trailer, found sleeping locations, ran through the showers, and prepped for a dinner out.

The plan is for us to sleep here tonight, stay for a “build day” tomorrow with the FC Disaster Rebuilders, and then depart the morning thereafter, so we’ll have two overnight stays here at the Olivet Baptist Church with plush mattresses!

Please keep your prayers going for all of us during the remainder of this trip! The Lord has blessed us many times over and we’re anxious to hear of the “fruit” that is being produced from these efforts.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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