A wonderful welcome in Perry, Florida!
Jan. 8, 2023

By Doug Stephens

Today was Day 2 of the Tour de Florida and we rode from Crawfordville to Perry, FL, a distance of almost 59 miles.

It was a beautiful day and all went well. We had three rest stops before arriving at San Pedro Missionary Baptist Church in Perry. The church has promised  us a lovely home cooked dinner of fried chicken and venison tonight.

Last night’s sleeping arrangements were quite unusual. Instead  of sleeping on the floor with on an air mattress, I was able to find a row of car seats in one of the rooms which I quickly expropriated to sleep on, complete with seat belts. Joining me in the room were two riders, Murph and Everett, who slept on the floor.  Everett told us this morning that we kept him up with stereo snoring. Such is communal living on the Bike Adventure.

The pastor here at San Pedro welcomed us very effusively and told us he was very glad to see us. In fact he related that this past year he was exploring with the parish various ways to share their church facilities with others. Up to now they were using the parish for only a few hours a week and wanted to see how God planned for them to share with others. That was when  the Fuller Center called and asked if we could stay at the Church for a night during the Adventure.

The Pastor felt that this call was God’s way of showing them how to share their place with others.  It was was what he described as God’s plan to assist others in need. How timely and fortunate  this phone call was. Sometimes God works in ways that are not always self-evident. We are certainly grateful to be the beneficiary of that sharing spirit.

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we love Our sponsors!

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