Drafting Lessons

IMG_5169Before I start a bike ride I like to ask Jesus to teach me something beautiful.  I relax, enjoy and wait upon Him to reveal His creatively given gift to me. I never know what to expect!

Some people come into our lives for a time and the Lord uses the strength of their God given passions to carry us for a time in our weakness. We do nothing to deserve it and we have nothing to offer in return except our gratitude. All we can do is accept the gift. This is beautifully humbling.

I realized this as I tried drafting today for the first time behind Renee for the first 25 miles of our 91 mile ride today. I’m not sure I would have finished the ride today without being pulled along by her strength. Her passion for biking, her strength, was used for me in my weakness.  And I had nothing to give her in return.  Drafting behind me would have only slowed her down. I was thankful and humbled to accept her gift to me in my weakness.


This is not unlike the gift Jesus gives to us. Out of His Passion for us, His infinite Love for us, he gave Himself, from His strength, for us, in our complete weakness. We have nothing to give Him in our weakness, except our humble gratitude and love. And in turn, as we live out and enjoy the passions God has given us, He will use our strengths to bless the weaknesses in others.

-Marlene Young

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