Ed Vander Pol: Water! Water! Water!
June 28, 2021

By Ed Vander Pol

We spent the weekend at the Northland Cathedral in Kansas City. Most of us attended the worship service there Sunday morning. The minister spoke on Numbers 20 when Moses “struck the rock” to provide water versus God asked Moses to “speak to the rock”. Pastor’s summary: Listen and trust in God.

Monday we rode from Kansas City to Savannah MO; approximately 62 miles. We were treated to a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls for breakfast by Roy, a Fuller Center volunteer. Thank you!
The area had received a lot of rain the previous days. We were “greeted” with closed road signs along the way with water covering the road in three different places. We “improvised” and made it a true cycling adventure!
Our destination for the day, Savannah United Methodist Church, had water flood their building. They cleaned up the water before our arrival and provided a very nice meal with barbecued chicken and bratwurst! Thank you!
We continue to blessed by the generosity of those around us as we travel across the United States!


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we love Our sponsors!

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