Enjoying God’s Creation

Written by: Melinda Holloway

Red sunrises. Blue skies. White clouds. Rolling hills. Purple flowers. Yellow flowers. Cool breezes. Green forests. Birds singing. Golden corn fields. Wandering deer. Blue-green water. Crashing waves.

I can’t help but take in all of God’s creation when I ride along on this bicycle adventure. As I follow orange shirts riding ahead of me, I often feel compelled to stop and pick a wild flower or two, and take these little tokens along for the ride. Every time I look over and see them on my jersey, they remind me of God’s presence and how much He loves me.

God has provided all of these things for each bicyclist’s enjoyment on this ride. We each have our individual reasons for doing this bicycle adventure, and He is showing us in every mile that He is there with us, encouraging us as we ride along to bring His love to those we meet on this journey.

Some orange shirts, who were once behind me, pass as I stop to pick another wild flower. But I don’t mind. This journey, to me, is not about conquering the miles. It’s about enjoying His ride.


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