Entering Iowa!

Written by: Jennifer Wells, Blue Ride
Wow, it is already the beginning of the 6th week for the Blue Riders Fuller Center Bike Adventure Group!  We thought Nebraska was easier to ride across but I think some of us were wishing we had those flat roads today.  We left Lincoln, NE and headed to Red Oak, IA where we are staying for the night. It was 93 miles of rolling hills.  Fortunately the morning started out with a few thin clouds so the sun wasn’t at its full potential until later in the morning.  Believe it or not, those thin clouds did provide a bit of relief from the heat!  So with rolling hills and good warm weather we pedaled off into the land of Iowa, riddled with soybean fields and a variety of corn fields.  The road construction we encountered proved to be very manageable however the roads with no shoulder was the challenge of the day.  Everyone was very attentive and moved over off the shoulder when it was warranted.  Everyone one had a great ride today and arrived safely.

RAGBRAI started yesterday and we have already seen some of the decorated buses carrying bikes on top or pulling trailers of bikes.  I suspect we may see traces of the RAGBRAI riders on and off this week.  What an amazing country we live in that we can freely ride our bikes across the states and the country!

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