Expect the Unexpected

Written by: Courtney Fields

“Not your typical internship…you won’t be picking up coffee, we promise.”

Lots of college internships like to promise you certain hours, expectations, and privileges- if you look at my generation, that’s easily understandable. We rely heavily on instant gratification. So when people have asked me along the route whether or not my internship with the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure is what I expected, I always respond with a “I had NO clue what I was getting myself into.” And I truly mean that. Nothing could have prepared me for what I am a part of now. The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure is a family, and it provides immense opportunity to serve, grow, and to (get this) change! So here are the top 10 things that I have learned by serving as an intern for this incredible group for those who want to know what to expect/do:

  1. Travel light; not only because the trip leader suggests it, but because you’ll want to bring souvenirs home !
  2. Always, always expect people to need help if you offer to give it, so always be willing to help others.
  3. It is 100% okay not to mesh with everyone you are around, but always remain courteous– there is no reason not to be!
  4. Being around people 24/7/70ish is sometimes overwhelming, so it is encouraged to find alone time (especially with Jesus).
  5. Pay it forward for someone’s meal if you can; there is a 99.9% chance that someone will cover your tab at some point.
  6. Pickles are tasty and have 0 calories. Enough said.
  7. Be open to new relationships. You might even meet your new bff (hey Kate 🙂 )!
  8. Stay connected with close friends and family, but feel free to disconnect from the world for a bit. I cannot explain how freeing it is not to know what’s on the news.
  9. Be social with the group! I have learned so many things about life and love from my friends on this trip.
  10. Just like peanut butter filled pretzels, you can’t just have one [trip]. Being in a community like this is addicting, and I know I’m stuck somehow, so I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!


Thanks for reading and for supporting this wonderful group of human beings!

(And thanks to all my FCBA besties for making this an internship of a lifetime- you know who you are.)

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