FCBA Late Show Top 10

Written by: Steven Johnson

With all due respect to David Letterman; the ten most important things I will not be putting in the Fuller Center Blog:

10. I haven’t had a “lights out” since I was in the 4th grade.

9. I haven’t been up to eat breakfast at 5:30 a.m. since I was in the Army back in the 60’s.

8. Orange is not my favorite color.

7. I suggest we have rest stops every ten miles.

6. I have told my family that I have met so many nice people and that they are now my friends. My family had said that unless I know their names, I can’t call them my friends.

5. I’m going to tell any new donors I get that since I’m doing all the work, I will be telling them how much they need to donate.

4. I have suggested that an AARP card can get you out of additional daily chores.

3. That my wife’s maiden name is Fuller, and her family lives in the South, and that she thinks her special rider, Stevie, shouldn’t have to get up as early as everyone else.

2. The Senior Fuller Center Adventure should include riding across America, but on mopeds, and also include arrangements with Red Lobster for food and Holiday Inn Express for sleeping since they don’t have pews.

1. While I am so proud of and happy with my affiliation with the Fuller Center and all the glorious people involved with the Bike Adventure, I may never be able to tell anyone about what I’ve been a part of without choking up.

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