Fly Over States

Written by: Jeff Lamb, Blue Ride

The 2012 single, Fly Over States by Jason Aldean, is about 2 men flying across the United States and discussing who would want to live in the land they are seeing below. They reference the land below as the “middle of nowhere”. The song goes on to say that these men have never been to these places or met the people who live and work in these towns, and if they had, they would “understand why God made those fly over states.” Riding through these states I’ve experienced many of the scenes the song describes. Some of these include: water colored painted sky, freedom of the wind and sun on my face, and the breathe of all the open space. I am so thankful for the opportunity and ability to experience these things. I have met so many amazing, kind and generous people that you will never see or hear about in the media, but they do exist in God’s amazing fly over states.

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