Friendships highlight the Bike Adventure
July 15, 2022

By Mike Wieser

Today just happens to correspond with my departure from the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. By the time this blog is posted, I will be making my way to Ithaca, New York to visit friends and begin a new bike adventure around New York’s Finger Lakes.

I have been on a number of commercial bike adventures and none of them compare to the experience of riding with the FCBA. Sure, I will have the comfort of sleeping in a bed versus on the floor with an air mattress, but I will miss the camaraderie and friendships that I have forged over the years with both riders and support staff.
This was my 9th ride with the FCBA but only the second time that I did not begin with the group at the start of the ride. I had apprehensions about fitting into the group that had been riding together as a team for five weeks, but they welcomed me into the group with open arms.
My thoughts and prayers will be with the group as they head to their final destination of Portland, Maine on July 31st. Safe travels to each and everyone of you.

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we love Our sponsors!

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