From First-timer to Family

By: Randi Topps

What a busy day! 
Everyone was up and bustling around before 7 am. May had finished breakfast already by 7:30.  Kudos to the breakfast crew for having food and coffee ready ahead of time! 
The Methodist minister was so happy to offer his prayers and the FUMC so generous with the use of their main building for two days!   When sweet Courtney read the story of the Rag Man you could see how it touched her heart.   Hearing this for the first time had me in tears as well.  To think that the sacrifices the rag man offered for the sake of others is exactly what Jesus was is and always will be!
My first ride with this amazing group of people was so inspiring.  Head winds today brought us even closer gathering up our strength to help each other through the ride.   When I had a flat , not only did my group of riders stop, but so did the next group until the flat was resolved and everyone knew we were safe.   
I love the helping community of the Fuller Center riders.  I am so blessed to have been welcomed into this family!

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