From Honeymoon to Holiday

Happy Independence Day to all!

Written by: Tom Weber
The honeymoon is over? This admirable team has been together now going into our 5th week; we have 10 whole-way riders and 3 interns. We came together as a family very quickly, but now as the honeymoon comes to an end, we continue to help and support each other in an even more caring and helpful way. We are family, and will continue as family long after this 10 weeks is over.
Today we crossed over the halfway point to Ocean City, NJ. We have ridden 1,822 miles and have 1,822 more to go. We have ridden through the low and high desert heat, crossed the Rockies, and are now in Kansas, looking for Toto. Some of the corn is already tall enough for “our use,” and will continue to be of value as we cross the Midwest, heading to the Atlantic Ocean. We are grateful to all the churches that have given us a dry, safe place to lay our heads each night. And, we are always grateful to the many churches that have provided us much more: showers, meals, prayers, and hugs.
Peace from the Geezerman-

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